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Everything you want to know about Team Jimmy And The Nelson, as well as their YouTube Let's Play series and the all important Minecraft Server.  We have a lot of things that we are going to share for you, including some profiles of the team members, as well as information on the different videos that the team releases.  We also would love for the community to aid us in this project, but ask to not spam wrong facts or rumors on the pages, as that will cause more of a mess that we wouldn't like to deal with.

This site is still being built, so give us some time, as Kevin "GSKev" and James "JimmyUltima" are working on things still.

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Table Coding

Throughout the site, there are multiple tables that are on pages for different references for videos, and will have a different color coding based on it status.

means that it is currently active and is still running at full speed.
means that it is currently on hiatus and waiting for word on whether it is going to return or end.
means that it has ended and is no longer making new episodes for this series.
means that it is working on a new set of episodes that have been announced and are waiting to be aired, and is a new set making it a new series or new section of a previous series.

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